save the environment

Save the Environment with eLearning!

Is your company or organisation looking to become ISO14001 certified or does it want to make a difference to the environment? Then adopting an appropriate eLearning policy will reduce your energy consumption and help you meet your targets.

A traditional trainer-led classroom model is clearly inefficient in environmental terms. Delegates and trainers have to travel to training centres. They may need to stay overnight using extra resources and energy. Training rooms use air-conditioning and light. Multiple page handouts come in non-recyclable plastic binders. Are there alternatives?

There are ways to reduce your carbon emissions and eLearning is one of them. Possible solutions include:

  • Virtual classrooms to minimise travel
  • Web conferencing to replace meetings and travel
  • Expert resources held digitally and accessed on screen when needed
  • User generated content in the forms of blogs and wikis enabling sharing of best practice
  • eLearning programmes to impart knowledge
  • Online assessments
  • Small just-in-time learning objects created quickly

Organizations looking to make efficiency savings will assess each training requirement, and consider ways of combining human interactions with technology.

“… carbon savings will accrue from moving from hard copies to carbon reduction and e-learning / carbon reduction commitment digital learning resources through the elimination of printed handouts, and their associated energy usage.”

Internexia understands that the goal is for organizations to control the impacts that their activities, products and services have on the environment.

In respect of our CMS solution, Internexia can help you:

  • Perform Initial Environmental Review
  • Perform Environmental Assessment – Aspects/Impacts
  • Identify Legal and Other Requirements
  • Identify Environmental programs with objectives and targets
  • Implement improvement actions based on assessment results.

Please contact us if you would like Internexia to help you realise your energy reduction targets, develop an environmental policy or give advice on your ISO14001 application.