save the money

Save Money with eLearning!

Harnessing the power of information communication technology decreases costs and improves quality. Understanding the concepts and applications of eLearning helps you make informed decisions on how and when you can implement a solution to meet your goals.

Save 60% or more in training costs sm_1 Your ROI improves each time your learner accesses the course.  Savings increase when learning is simulation-based.
Extend opportunities to all sm_2 A minimal additional investment gives your team unlimited access to your courses.
‘Freedom to fail’ sm_3 Allow your learners to practice and take the course and assessment as many times as they like. There is no need to reschedule training or assessment.  With continual access to resources, there is no need for refresher training.
Increase productivity and make your training accessible 24x7x365 sm_4 There is no need for a training room. Turn your dedicated training room into another office or R&R room.
Anywhere, anytime learning sm_5 Allow your learners to learn at home or from wherever they are. Internet access is not essential; make use of your internal network or even CDs.
Contribute to saving the environment (ISO14001) sm_7 Decreased (or no) travel, no lighting or air-conditioning, no printing (paper or photocopier). A study by Britain’s Open University’s showed that ‘… producing and providing distance learning courses consumes an average of 90% less energy and produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than conventional face-to-face courses.’
Support differentiated learning sm_6
Use the same material for different learning styles and abilities.
Meet your learners’ eLearning expectations sm_8 Technology is present in all aspects of our lives and has become an expectation.
Standardize and continually improve your training courses sm_9 Deliver the same course in Malaysia as you would in America. Use learner feedback and enhance the course each year if you wish. Invest in the best facilitator ever!
Monitor your learners’ progress and produce reports automatically sm_10 Ensure all your learners achieve the grades and perform to the level you require.
Increase engagement and performance sm_11 Give your learners choice and ownership – let the learner take control of their learning.
Improve retention sm_12 Appropriate use of multimedia and instructional design gives a rich and rewarding learning experience.
Encourage sharing and peer review
sm_13 Use dedicated tools within a learning management system to encourage collaboration and conversation.  This knowledge base can be used and built on.

Internexia can help you implement an eLearning solution that meets your needs.  Please contact us if you would like to know how Internexia can help you.