TAPS (Talent Performance System)



Learning management systems (LMS) have become an integral part of most mid- to large-size organizations. It is a tool they rely on to assess and track skills, to train and manage better, generate reports and enhance lines of communication for everyone in the organization, from the CEO to the most junior staff member.

Internexia designs bespoke, cost effective LMSs which allow corporate as well as academic institutions to manage time and resources more efficiently. TAPS is especially suitable for corporations who want to have a managed learning environment to control and manage reporting and staff information, as well as their staff’s skills development and training needs.

Tap into your most valuable assets using Internexia’s TAPS. TAPS (TAlent Performance System) is designed to enable organisations to develop and deliver courses and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) in-house. Managers are able to target specific training to meet the organisation’s and individual’s needs. TAPS:

  1. is a web-based application that is user-friendly, enables access with secured login and has various tracking and auto alert capabilities;
  2. uses common processes as much as possible;
  3. integrates with other systems or databases if necessary

Our approach offers end-to-end solutions, including customised LMS, implementation, fully managed hosted service, first class support and training. Solution Features:

    • allow Training Providers the ability to process self-registration
    • implement workflow to automate the Accreditation of Learning Programmes
    • provide automatic notifications at defined stages of the approval process and reminders
    • maintain an effective audit trail for tracking and reporting purposes
    • offer a comprehensive search and retrieval system

The system will support multiple configurable roles, each giving specific users permission to view and perform different functions within the system. We use open standards to ensure compatibility and interoperability with other systems. Our scalable solution offers an extensive suite of tools for user administration, communication and collaboration. Regular service packs will ensure the technology stays up-to-date to maximise end user satisfaction and productivity.

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