Compulsory Subjects Online

csoPrivate college students in Malaysia are required by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) to take additional subjects with their normal curriculum. These subjects are Bahasa Kebangsaan (A or B), Malaysian Studies, Moral Studies and Islamic Studies. Two or three of these subjects must be studied.

Internexia offers the Compulsory Subjects Online (CSO) course in all five subjects. It meets MQA’s objectives and is modular to allow flexible and easy selection of subjects and topics. The materials are also available on CD-ROM.

CSO is computer-based and can be accessed through the Internet or a college’s local area network. It allows access to photographic archives, graphics, interactive movie clips and self-test questions and answers, as well as text materials. Assessment is through portfolio work, which contributes to the student’s final grade.

Course and support materials are available in both Bahasa Malaysia and English. Once enrolled, students can access support and collaborative features such as messaging. The inbuilt tracking system allows self-assessment and monitoring of progress.

Benefits of Internexia’s Online CSO Course include:

  • flexibility of time and place
  • students learn at their own pace
  • e-learning in a supported environment
  • content can be updated and enhanced continuously
  • consistent quality of content
  • extensive information, more than is possible in a conventional classroom
  • limitless information in the World Wide Web, accessible through links
  • online assessment
  • progress and performance can be tracked