Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System (LMS) solution is open and flexible, integrating an e-portfolio. It has social networking, peer review, learning assessment and structured object repositories, as well as various communication and collaboration tools. The LMS allows access to the best features associated with working online and supports the trainer and learner in a secure, safe and controlled environment.

The system supports formal (e-learning, meetings), informal (community, teaming), intentional (reading, coaching) and unexpected (self study, internet surfing) learning. It can be used in a variety of ways to ensure that the learner is at the heart of the process, being supported by the best technology. Personal and shared tools include wiki, blog, forum, web feed, calendar, media-cast, SCORM creator, glossary, web links, tests and surveys.

The interface allows easy and consistent navigation to information and resources. Trainers can observe, participate and evaluate individuals and groups and their social learning activities within the LMS. The system encourages and rewards learning, which in turn develops confidence and ensures learners remain motivated.

Our LMS solution is fully configurable, with granular sharing and permission rules.  This enables our system to manage your unique organisational structure.

Intelligent Reporting
The tracking data provide a real-time and easy-to-read report of a learner’s or a group’s progress. Reports can be exported or viewed online.

The system is fully customisable to suit the way the learner wants to learn and the way the trainer wants to teach. Internexia will work with the customer to develop the system in line with their requirements. Each learner and trainer has their own portfolio where they can share, collaborate and work through the learning materials.

Communication, Assessment and Standards
Our LMS provides real-time and persistent communication tools for on-line collaboration and sharing. Personal Tutors can guide learners on an individual basis or create groups for collaboration and sharing. Online tests, surveys and feedback cycles ensure that the learner is continually engaged with the materials and exercises. Our solution supports interactive multimedia-rich content to internationally recognized standards, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and AICC.