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Crystal Clear English

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This programme features over 100 hours of English practice activities that can you can work through alone or with the assistance of an online tutor. It covers Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Vocabulary skills.

This programme is perfect for those preparing for the IELTS or similar exams or anyone who enjoys online activities and wishes to see a steady improvement in their English over time.

Crystal Clear English is available at Basic and Intermediate Levels.

For more information on our training courses, please contact Tim or Emile at or call us directly at +603 8318-4524.

 Internexia’s Training Programmes


Informed by decades of experience working with high-value clients, Internexia offers a wide range of training programmes designed to enhance language skills, communication skills and other soft skills. Our expertise covers Business, Academic and Personal skill areas.

We are pleased to offer our courses in various formats: Classroom, Online or Mixed.

Our programmes are often tailored to our clients’ specific needs and can be delivered anywhere, including on your company’s premises.

Our training programmes are built on sound pedagogical practices and our classes are learner-centred rather than instructor-centred. This means that participants take an active role in the learner process and feel more engaged. A mix of fun and hard work leads to a successful outcome.

Business Language and Communication

It is imperative that the modern executive be able to express himself or herself with fluency, clarity and poise, both in spoken and in written communications. Sadly, many executives fall short in this area. This is where Internexia can help.

We offer short or long courses in Business English, Business Writing, Presentation Skills and Customer Service Skills, to name a few. Following a short consultation, Internexia can customise a course for your organisation that will maximise the time and resources available.

Previous clients have included Bank Negara, Bank Islam, Shell and IBM amongst many others.


General and Academic Courses

Language skills are an important ingredient in academic success – and in procuring a rewarding career upon graduation.Luckily, Internexia has decades of experience of helping students to achieve their academic goals and dreams.

We offer short or long courses in Academic English, IELTS Preparation, Communication Skills and Critical Thinking, amongst many others.We have previously worked with Kirkby College, UKM, UPSI, MOE and others.

For more information on our training courses, please contact David or Emile at or call us directly at +603 8318-4524.

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