About Us

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Education, Education, Education!

Internexia uses technology to enhance teaching and learning.  We provide innovative waysto promote learning.  Our board of directors share a passion to broaden the scope andprovide opportunities for lifelong learning. We focus on learning, thinking skills, assessingand accrediting achievement.

How can Internexia help you?

  • Internexia’s online or customized English, ICT, Application or Soft Skills Training
  • Consultancy, Integration, Change Management, Curriculum Development
  • Content Development and Transformation
  • Learning Management System Design and Implementation

Core Values

Internexia’s four core values drive our organization. These core values steer our development and provide answers to challenges.

  • Collaboration – We believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise. Collaboration allows us to improve resources, creativity andinnovation.
  • Community – We seek to contribute to the wider learning community. Internexia promotes ideas to support accessibility and to reachlearners wherever they are located. Internexia is also committed to the environment and is working towards obtaining ISO14001accreditation.
  • Innovation – We strive to develop creative products with the potential to bring about change. Internexia continually integrates newtechnologies and tools into our content and delivery services. 
  • Service Excellence – We believe in giving the best support services to our customers and meeting their needs.