On Message : A Customer Service Course

on message

On Message is targeted towards any employee supporting overseas customers through the telephone. On Message equips employees with the skills needed to face the challenges in customer support services. It emphasizes courtesy and efficiency while handling phone calls, dealing with different cultures and communicating clearly.

Corporate groups and individuals, call centres, customer care centres and business process outsourcing (BPOs) will benefit from our online On Message programme. Users work through a series of challenging tasks where they learn to handle a call, deal with different cultures and communicate clearly. The emphasis throughout the course is on courtesy and efficiency.


  • 20 Units, online learning materials, 15 – 20 hours
  • Extensive content including case studies and audio examples
  • Suitable for those with native grasp of English and those with non-native grasp of English
  • Self-study delivery saves time on training course


What will you learn from On Message?

You will discover how to handle a phone call more professionally and effectively. You will learn active listening skills and the use of positive language for better communication. On Message includes units on working with other cultures and understanding what the customer wants.


Estimated Learning Time

On Message offers between 15 and 20 hours of content.


Intended Audience

On Message is intended for corporate groups and individuals in call centres, customer care centres, BPOs and employees supporting overseas customers via the telephone.


Number of Units

There are 20 units covering three sections:

  • Handling the Call
  • Communication Skill
  • Working with Other Cultures and Other Skills.



On Message activities include:

  • Video and audio recordings
  • Interactive tasks
  • Samples of good practices
  • Practice handling situations by recording and listening to own voice
  • Key in responses and read what others have to say
  • Exit test


A summary of skills learned is provided at the end of each unit.

Coverage of Content

  • Challenging situations set in a fictional call centre
  • Steps to handling a call
  • Dealing with different cultures
  • Active listening
  • Checking understanding and clarifying information
  • Courtesy and efficiency
  • Building customer relationship
  • Interacting through email and other media


Unique Features

  • Record yourself handling phone calls or dealing with customers
  • Post and share your experiences and read what others have to say


Other features

  • A variety of interactive exercise types
  • Video and audio recordings
  • Comparisons of good and bad practice
  • Progress tracking