COURSEWARE4Ongoing company training enhances productivity, efficiency, creativity and innovation. Successful training programs have several key components. Here are Internexia’s six key strategies to ensure effective and successful training.

1. Have Stakeholder Support
We have the support of senior management and key personnel; top-down support provides a framework for positive reception. It develops a company culture that values education and knowledge-sharing.

2. Develop a Roadmap and Time Line
Individual training initiatives support a larger education and learning agenda targeted at achieving your company’s goals. We will help you develop a training road map outlining session goals and learning objectives and will clarify how each session supports the larger mission of the training program.

3. Conduct an Audience Assessment
Audience assessment is necessary to design effective training sessions. We will evaluate the current skill level and abilities, immediacy of training needs and availability of the audience.

4. Have the Right Tools
There are learning tools available to trainers that effectively facilitate and enhance training. We select tools that are relatively simple, such as interactive whiteboards. We also use advanced telecommunication tools that aid distance communication and stimulate interest, such as learning management systems (LMS).

5. Evaluate and Benchmark
Training initiatives require evaluation to determine success. Evaluation metrics include surveys, productivity assessments and sales and profit data. We maintain regular evaluations to track key metrics over time and to measure change.

6. Follow Up
Effective training often goes beyond individual sessions. Internexia works with our clients to implement and conduct follow-up sessions to determine if knowledge is retained and applied.

Internexia’s unique approach and highly qualified training team ensures that training programmes will deliver the learning you seek. Contact us for training needs analysis or training implementation information and advice.