University Science Islam Malaysia

Testimonial from Professor  Datuk Dr. Mizan Adiliah Ahmad Ibrahim, Director of Akademi Permata Insan, University Science Islam Malaysia

logo-permata-insan(kecil)“I am writing this to reference to highly and enthusiastically recommended Internexia Sdn Bhd:

Permata Insan is a continuation and expansion of the PERMATA Program under the direct supervision of Prime Minister’s Department and Ministry of Education Malaysia. Islam Science University of Malaysia (USIM) was selected to be the implementer to ensure the success of this program nationwide.

PERMATA Insan had the privilege of working with Internexia Sdn Bhd over the last year implement their ASK LMS for our Gifted and Talent Programme. This online package is an enrichment program that was built on an integrated basis to meet program objectives and conducted on an ongoing basis during school days.

Internexia Sdn Bhd has delivered a system that is effective in meeting the learning needs of individuals and communication needs of a group of geographically disparate learners, tutors and administrators. We are able to develop content as well as fully administer the system without reverting back to Internexia Sdn Bhd, we are now fully independent. Although the system extremely powerful it is easy to use and navigation is clear and simple”.