Kirkby International College

Testimonial from Ms Alex Longhurst, Kirkby International College System Administrator

test2“Our students really enjoy working in Internexia’s ASK LMS. The system has proven to be reliable, robust and fast. We are even able confidently to manage critical activities such as important programme notifications and assignment submission through it. We started using it for campus-based and distance learning programmes, however now we are also using it for internal staff communication and file management. Internexia’s support for their ASK LMS has been second to none. It is comforting and important that we have first class support. We are able to raise incidents 24×7 through their ticketing system which they always respond to quickly and effectively. They are equally responsive to our curriculum and usage based enquiries and always give useful and practical help and guidance. We are looking forward to the next upgrade expected before the end of 2012 as it includes some enhancements to existing features and introduces some new tools and functionality that we will make use of.

Case Study

Topic: ASK (Acquire and Share Knowledge)
Approach/Tools: Learning Platform

Kirkby International College (KIC) is a centre of excellence for teacher education and training. KIC’s aim is to train teachers, enabling them to provide meaningful learning experiences for their students. KIC wanted a learning management system (LMS) that would support and enhance the teachers’ education and training, and which could be accessed from wherever their lecturers and teachers were located.


Internexia worked closely with KIC to provide a holistic teaching and learning approach. Internexia’s Acquire and Share Knowledge (ASK) LMS allows lecturers to upload learning modules, lecture notes, resources and assignments which can be accessed by the teachers wherever they are. ASK provides an excellent channel of communication between lecturers and teachers. News about classes, activities, assignments and examinations can be communicated instantly through ASK. Teachers can post questions or discussion topics in the Forum pages and can expect a response from their peers or lecturers. Assignments and quizzes can be submitted through ASK and results posted in the system.

The ASK LMS creates and supports an enhanced teaching and learning experience for lecturers and trainee teachers at KIC.