Cloud Computing [2011] Print


What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing can be compared to the supply of electricity and gas, or the provision of telephone, television and postal services. All of these services are presented to users in a way that is easily understood.

This simplified view is called an abstraction. 

Similarly, cloud computing offers computer application developers and users an abstract view of services that simplifies and ignores much of the details.

A provider's offering of abstracted Internet services is often called 'The Cloud'.

Internexia expects to pass the benefits of their Cloud Computing initiative down to their customers.

Benefits of Cloud Computing to Internexia and our customers:
  • affordable
  • reduced operating costs
  • as fast as you like
  • more reliable than air-traffic control systems
  • scalable; can grow to meet requirements
  • massive amount of bandwidth
  • highly secure
  • real-time backup to offer maximum uptime


Contact us if you would like to learn more about how Internexia's Cloud Computing initiative can help you improve performance and save time and money.