English Café Print
ecf The objective of the café is to improve the level of English of participants to where:
  • they feel comfortable using English;
  • they are able to communicate clearly;
  • their level of English allows them to undertake their studies more competently;
  • they are able to interact with native users of English with greater confidence;
  • they are able to raise their English proficiency by one level, according to internationally recognized standards
The Pre-test uses the BULATS Online Test. It enables Internexia to customize the training according to the students' current levels of proficiency, using the international CEFR scale (Common European Framework of Reference, led by Cambridge University) as the standard for comparison.

Participants attend a two-hour training session each week over a number of weeks. They access Internexia’s Summertown English language e-learning programme and practise the activities in their own time.

Contact us if you are interested in setting up an English Café in your school.