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In 2007, Internexia was awarded a contract by the Creative Multimedia Division of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) to offer MDeC's Digital Storytelling Project 2007 (DST) workshops to schools in various states of Malaysia.

Internexia has transformed the programme for online delivery and is making it available to schools. To let all the students and teachers in your school enjoy the fully interactive, multimedia rich DST programme, your school just needs to send a team of five students and a teacher to a hands-on workshop.

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DST is a hands-on workshop where the participants start by writing and editing their own short story. They then develop a storyboard, and a shot list of photos and videos to support their story. They explore post production techniques and concepts by compiling their images and videos and telling their story. They enhance their story with relevant music and sound effects, adding text and subtitles as required. In the process of digitizing their story, they learn to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere. They also learn open source software solutions, how to use the Internet and acquire web development skills.

This project promotes active learning with all participants writing original stories. It also promotes collaboration and peer support between teachers and students in a school, and among students from different schools.

Curriculum mapping
The aims, objectives and learning outcomes of the programme are incorporated with the issues of leadership, social responsibility, time management and multimedia knowledge and skills. Please refer to the table below for an outline.

DST Elements

Secondary Curriculum *

Cross Curriculum

Storyboarding, Writing and Editing

  Communication skills

  • English – Creative Writing, Speaking and Listening
  • Mathematics – Measurement, Geometry, Area and Compression
  • Soft skills- Time Management, Project Management, Teambuilding and Presentation Skills
  • General Subjects from Arts and Science Streams: e.g. Local History for Documentary Stories. Moral Studies for Cultural and Social Value Stories.


 Hardware storage and Multimedia      Concepts


  • Application of Software and File Management
  • Software Concepts – Text Editor, Graphics, Audio and Video and Animation Editor
  • Multimedia Development - Analysis, Design and Develop, Implementation


   Current and Future Developments

  • Blogs

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