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Internexia's core business is to develop solutions to improve teaching and learning. We start from understanding learning needs and determining the learning objectives. We design systems and provide resources to support learning to enable individuals and groups to realise their learning goals and raise their learning achievements.
By using information and communication technologies (ICT) as tools, we extend and enhance access to learning resources. Educationally sound ideas represent new possibilities for increasing the quality and variety of teaching and learning within an eLearning context. Challenges that need to be considered: 
  • People learn better when they are actively engaged.
  • Content and activities should be logically structured.
  • Design and knowledge can be shared.

Different pedagogical techniques are used to achieve different learning outcomes. Below are some basic concepts:

  • Self-directed learning helps to create deeper, swifter and more effective learning
  • Collaborative work, maybe using a forum, focuses on cognitive development
  • Small group work, perhaps a research project, allows analysis, synthesis and evaluation
  • Case studies and simulations based on the real world allow for practical thinking, comprehension and application of knowledge

All learners are different, having different ages, experiences, abilities, knowledge and learning needs. The learners will dictate the methods employed.  For example, we would present real-world examples to learners with high inductive reasoning skills before giving them access to conceptual material. Similarly, for learners with high social skills, we would favour implementing synchronous interactions (e.g. chat or video conferencing) over asynchronous interactions (e.g. email).

Internexia will work with the client to develop a high level use case diagram. This is accompanied with descriptions containing the essential design elements, pedagogy or learning type, description and context, learning objectives, roles, content types, services, collaborative activities, learner activity workflow, interactions and assessment.

Please contact Internexia if you would like to explore effective learning design in more detail.