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Internexia has developed a number of diverse courses that can be used immediately. Please see a sample below.

IEB (International English for Business)

 ieb, International English for Business, English Language, Interactive Learning


IEB is an online/ blended English Language programme for school leavers and working adults who wish to improve their English Language and communication skills. Benefits of IEB:
  • Interactive learning methodology
  • Independent learning with self-assessment
  • Free skill check at any time
  • Self-paced, modular programmes
  • Broad-range of business-related topics
  • Faster, fun learning
  • Scored progress checks
  • Friendly user interface
  • Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC)

IEB is PSMB approved meaning you can claim 100% under the HRDF PROLUS scheme.

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Induction Course for Foreign Workers

Induction Course for Foreign Workers, Malaysian Culture, Foreign workers

The Malaysian government required non-professional foreign workers to attend an induction course on communication skills, Malaysian culture and laws.

The purpose of this induction course is to familiarize foreign workers with the essential aspects of Malaysian language, culture, laws and regulations to help them to integrate well in the workplace and community.

One of the issues among the foreign workers in Malaysia is their inability to communicate and a lack of understanding of Malaysian cultures, laws and regulations.

Soft Skills Workshop

Soft Skills Workshop, Creative and Critical Thinking, ICT, English

The main objective of the programme is to provide the MOHE with an alternative solution to improve the employability of local undergraduates.

The programme includes:

  • Personal Development (developing self-esteem, enhancing self-management skills, developing inner courage, developing problem-solving skills)
  • Creative & Critical Thinking (exploring new ideas,  enhancing the ability to examine facts, organise ideas, support opinions, make comparisons and draw inferences, enhancing the ability to evaluate arguments and solve problems)
  • Effective Communication Skills (developing empathy, developing presentation skills, enhancing communication skills)
  • Teamwork (working with others to achieve set objectives,  understanding and appreciating strengths and behaviour of team members, developing active listening skills)
  • Project Management (time management, empathy, prioritisation, leadership)

According to a survey by, 56% of undergraduates failed to obtain jobs during interviews because of their lack of English communication skills.

The programme provides a major solution to graduates' employability and retention by providing skills and certifications in ICT, English communications and soft skills. 

Key benefits of the programme are:

  • Make undergraduates immediately employable upon graduation as it is carried out during the undergraduate diploma/degree programme.
  • Able to train large numbers of undergraduates (12,000 to 21,000) annually due to the e-Learning format of the ICT and IEB modules

On Message

On Message, Self-Study

On Message is targeted towards any employee supporting overseas customers via the telephone. On Message equips employees with the skills needed to face the challenges in customer support services. It emphasizes on courtesy and efficiency while handling phone calls, dealing with different cultures and communicating clearly.

Corporate groups and individuals, call centres, customer care centres and business process outsourcing (BPOs) will benefit from our online 'On Message' programme.

Users work through a series of challenging tasks where they learn to handle a call, deal with different cultures and communicate clearly. The emphasis throughout the course is on courtesy and efficiency.


  • 20 Units, online learning materials, 15 – 20 hours
  • Extensive amount of content including case studies and audio examples
  • Suitable for those with native grasp of English or those with non-native grasp of English
  • Self-study delivery saves time on training course

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Cultural Insights

Cultural Insight

The online course is targeted towards employees at executive level and upwards. It benefits anyone dealing with people from other cultures, whether in their own country or overseas. It is especially useful for multinationals or corporations with a global outlook.

Employees in a multinational corporation can expect to deal with people from many different backgrounds in the course of their work. This course offers effective ways of dealing with situations where two or more cultures meet.

Where many courses are based on anecdotes of returning expatriates or 'do's' and 'don'ts' that can be applied to limited situations, Cultural Insights builds on accredited research to provide tools that can be applied to any situation. Based on research by Hofstede, Hall and others, Cultural Insights examines the ways that core values of cultures differ. The course is delivered in an engaging and practical way.

Cultural Insights is a fully online course. Users work through a serious of challenging tasks where they apply what they learn to various work situations. As they progress, they build up their own cultural profile and learn how this affects any cultural encounter they may have.

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Summertown, English, Online English

If you are looking to deliver high quality English training to your team, look no further. Summertown is Internexia's award winning English language programme for graduates and young adults.  Being fully online means that your staff can study anytime and anywhere. Summertown licenses are 100% refundable under the HRDF scheme.

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