Content Management System (CMS) Print

A content management system can make quality improvements across your whole organization.
Implementing Internexia's content management system has many key benefits:
  • Flexible access control; public areas and secure areas requiring the user to log in.
  • Granular role and group assignment; our solution will support any configuration of organizational structure.
  • Integration of user tools; our proposed solution includes all the common tools users would expect from a learning portal - calendars, wikis, forums, surveys etc.
  • Powerful and intuitive content and site administrative functions; add or remove tools and content easily, build new pages and sections using the online editor.
  • Extensive reporting; tracking data is used by the system to supply real-time and easy to read reports or snapshots of the progress of users, or groups of users.
  • Workspace; users can have their own personal workspace where they can share, collaborate and work through their learning materials.
  • Communication & Collaboration; our solution provides real-time and persistent communication tools for on-line collaboration and sharing.

In addition, the whole implementation and evidence gathering requirements of ISO 14001 can be managed effectively through the CMS. The CMS can deliver appropriate ISO 14001 training to all your organisations staff and ensure the communication requirements for the standards are met.

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