NiE-Internexia Animation Workshop (7-8 June 2012) Print

Recently, New Straits Time's NiE (Newspaper-in-Education) collaborated with Internexia to organise an animation workshop for their young readers during the school holidays.

Ten children between the ages of 9 to12 gathered at Kirkby International College at Cyberjaya for the two-day animation workshop. They learnt basic story writing and storyboarding techniques and animation skills using Flash, an industry standard software. 

The children's animation adventure started when they saw how an animated bouncing ball was created. They also recorded their own voices and learnt how to create cartoonish chipmunk voices using audio editing tools. 

The children then worked in pairs to create short creative animation teasers or trailers for their stories. Having been inspired by speakers from the industry who shared their experiences, the children incorporated skills learnt such as tweening, panning, zoom, sound effects, audio and composition, into their animations.

Representatives from Rhythm and Hues and Les' Copaque impressed their young audience with samples of their work; award-winning visual effects in Snow White and the Huntsmen, X-men and Alvin and the Chipmunks, as well as animation techniques in Upin and Ipin and Pada Zaman Dahulu.

Armed with a certificate of achievement, an animation workshop handbook, new skills and a gift bag, the children left with a great sense of achievement, an insight into the world of animation, new friends and many lovely memories.